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Window Cornices - Full Custom
SKU: FULL-2342
Easton Cornice

Priced from $319.00
SKU: FULL-0121
Easton Cornice (Oversize)

Priced from $479.00
SKU: FULL-24800
Easton Mini Cornice

Priced from $210.00
SKU: FULL-11100
Easton Mini Cornice (Oversize)

Priced from $337.00
SKU: FULL-2344
Greenwich Cornice

Priced from $319.00
SKU: FULL-0221
Greenwich Cornice (Oversize)

Priced from $479.00
SKU: FULL-2346
Southport Cornice

Priced from $319.00
SKU: FULL-0131
Southport Cornice (Oversize)

Priced from $479.00
SKU: FULL-2348
Straight Cornice

Priced from $299.00
SKU: FULL-1121
Straight Cornice (Oversize)

Priced from $429.00
SKU: FULL-24801
Straight Mini Cornice

Priced from $210.00
SKU: FULL-11101
Straight Mini Cornice (Oversize)

Priced from $337.00
SKU: WAVE-8000
Waverly Wilton Cornice (oversize)

Priced from $576.00
SKU: FULL-2320
Westport Cornice

Priced from $319.00
SKU: FULL-1210
Westport Cornice (Oversize)

Priced from $479.00
SKU: FULL-2480
Westport Mini Cornice

Priced from $210.00
SKU: FULL-1110
Westport Mini Cornice (Oversize)

Priced from $337.00
SKU: FULL-2441
Wilton Cornice

Priced from $319.00
SKU: FULL-4521
Wilton Cornice (Oversize)

Priced from $479.00

Window Cornices, Cornices Window Treatments, Decorative Cornices

Cornices Window Treatments are a timeless window treatment option. Decorative window cornices are beautiful and work well as a stand-alone window treatment on just about any window. Cornices are a designer's choice when they are combined with curtains on the same window. You can use the same fabric for both the drapes and cornice, but we prefer using two different coordinating fabrics. That's how the designers do it. Designers also use a clever technique to make a beautiful connection between decorative cornices and the curtains. If the window cornice is made in a coordinating fabric, then the cornice cording can be made in the curtain fabric. It will give you an amazing finished window. Another designer tip is to make the curtain tie-backs in the cornice fabric. Imagine if you do both the cording and the tie-backs in reverse contrasting fabric, people won't believe you didn't hire a designer. If you need help with coordinating fabrics, our design team is more than happy to help.

Cornice Window Treatments are very well made with solid boards on the top, sides and front. Fiber-fill material is attached to the boards and then the fabric is upholstered to the board similar to furniture making. The fiber-fill padding adds dimension and thickness unlike any other window treatment. The finished product is timeless and very high-end.

If you decide to make a window cornice with us, you won't need expensive decorative curtain hardware. With a cornice combination, the curtains hang on a simple inexpensive white rod because they are completely hidden by the cornice. You should price out a cornice versus decorative hardware and you can decide which works best for you. Remember, you need to price the pole, finials, brackets and rings. Installing Decorative Cornices takes just a few minutes using the included "L" brackets.

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